FREE Google Alerts SEO Trick

FREE Google Alerts SEO Trick

FREE Google Alerts SEO Trick

Google Alerts is primarily used for receiving email notifications when Google finds new results on a specific topic of interest. But you can turn it into a very important SEO Tool! Use it for Content Marketing & SEO Strategies to quickly see what is or isn’t working for your online presence.

Google Alerts & SEO

You can setup Google Alerts for your website, company name, your industry, products, certain keywords and so much more.

A FREE trick to using Google Alerts for SEO is by setting up alerts for:

  1. Newly created websites/pages/posts- the alert will tell you in real-time when your site/page/post is now within Google’s Search Engine
  2. Keywords – knowing which of your focus keywords are being used by competitors (Click Here to learn more about focus keywords)
  3. Competitors – stay up-to-date on your competitors Internet presence
  4. Backlinking – keep informed on which websites are using one or more of your focus keywords, you can check their page ranking and setup a backlink (Click Here to learn more about backlinking)
  5. Generate Ideas – by seeing how others are using one or more of your focus keywords, it can help generate ideas on how to strengthen them on your website/blog/page/post

Available Control Settings:

  • How Often – as it happens or once a day
  • Sources – Web, News, Blog, etc.
  • Language – only one language can be selected
  • Region – any region can be selected
  • How Many – only the best results or all results
  • Deliver to – email address input

Once you setup your FREE Google Alerts account, you can begin receiving notifications immediately!

Click Here to Get Started with using Google Alerts for SEO for FREE

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